reLIMS Features

Business Decision Support - dashboard for tracking key performance indicators such as Turn Around Time, revenue by customer, by panels, sample collectors and sales representatives ...[Read more]

Decision Support

3rd Party labs sub-ordering - visibility and management for the sample workflow across 3rd party labs ...[Read more]

External Labs

Configurable workflows – easily configurable according to lab’s workflows and customizable reports to meet lab’s varied reporting requirements ...[Read more]


EMR/EHR, Billing solution integration – integrate with EMR and EHR and other systems in the environment through APIs and HL7 format. ...[Read more]

EMR Integration

Collaboration tools - whiteboards and messaging to improve efficiency and communication within and outside the lab; email triggers; event alerts...[Read more]


Instrument integration – seamless integration with the lab instruments eliminating use of paper and excel sheets to automate the entire process ...[Read more]

Instrument Interface

Process transparency – end-to-end process visibility from order placement to reporting ...[Read more]


Sample tracking - robust system to track and verify identity of every specimen at each point in a lab’s workflow ...[Read more]

Sample Tracking

Audit Trail - comprehensive audit trail with access details, date and time stamp of each and every user interaction with the system ...[Read more]

Audit Trail

QA/QC functions – Levey Jennings QC Reporting; QC module to analyze data and test plan for instrument calibration ...[Read more]

Quality Control

Ease of Use – single click bulk approval of results and batch processing of reports ...[Read more]

Ease of Use

Inventory Management module – for managing and tracking of the stock levels of consumables and reagents in the lab ...[Read more]

Inventory Management

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Why reLIMS

reLIMS drives productivity, reduces errors, streamlines workflow/processes and enhances compliance and efficiency of your lab. Whether your lab has one location or multiple locations, our cloud based reLIMS platform is scalable, secure and easy to use with portal access for all your users. Our competitive pricing helps reduce the Total Cost of Ownership, making it an ideal choice for small and mid-sized labs and larger enterprise labs. reLIMS is designed to offer flexibility and configurability to adapt to your lab’s workflow and specific requirements. The robust architecture enables custom workflows and applications for individual labs. reLIMS manages the sample lifecycle and data, interface instruments and systems, optimizes lab tasks and processes, and enables security and audit trail. reLIMS serves a variety of test laboratories with use cases in toxicology, molecular, genetics and cannabis testing in the US.  

One system allowing you transparency across third party labs, configurability to customize your own reports; growing your business use cases.

Our Products

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Blood Chemistry and Toxicology

reLIMS blood chemistry and toxicology configurations allow for screening and confirmations and timely reports to physicians, employers, and clinics. reLIMS provides bi-directional EMR integration and instrument interfaces to facilitate automatic flow of data along with batch processing features, rules engines and bulk approval capability of results. reLIMS offers  flexibility and configurability to adapt to your lab’s workflow and specific requirements.

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reLIMS is used for end-end to management of workflows in microbiology and genetic testing. It supports batch results processing for quick and easy operations, bi-directional instrument interfaces and EMR integration to improve throughput of the lab. reLIMS provides customizable reports with patient history and result analysis and is used to support  pharmacogenomics and clinical studies.        

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reLIMS integrates sample tracking throughout the system to seamlessly track orders and communicate results bringing complete transparency in Cannabis and Hemp product testing. reLIMS enables regulatory compliance of the industry with its Chain of Custody and Track and Trace features.