reLIMS Features

Business Decision Support - dashboard for tracking key performance indicators such as Turn Around Time, revenue by customer, by panels, sample collectors and sales representatives ...[Read more]

Decision Support

3rd Party labs sub-ordering - visibility and management for the sample workflow across 3rd party labs ...[Read more]

External Labs

Configurable workflows – easily configurable according to laboratory’s workflows and customizable reports to meet lab’s varied reporting requirements ...[Read more]


EMR/EHR, Billing solution integration – integrate with EMR and EHR and other systems in the environment through APIs and HL7 format. ...[Read more]

EMR Integration

Collaboration tools - whiteboards and messaging to improve efficiency and communication within and outside the lab; email triggers; event alerts...[Read more]


Instrument integration – seamless integration with the lab instruments eliminating use of paper and excel sheets to automate the entire process ...[Read more]

Instrument Interface

Process transparency – end-to-end process visibility from order placement to reporting ...[Read more]


Sample tracking - robust system to track and verify identity of every specimen at each point in a lab’s workflow ...[Read more]

Sample Tracking

Audit Trail - comprehensive audit trail with access details, date and time stamp of each and every user interaction with the system ...[Read more]

Audit Trail

QA/QC functions – Levey Jennings QC Reporting; QC module to analyze data and test plan for instrument calibration ...[Read more]

Quality Control

Ease of Use – single click bulk approval of results and batch processing of reports ...[Read more]

Ease of Use

Inventory Management module – for managing and tracking of the stock levels of consumables and reagents in the lab ...[Read more]

Inventory Management