reLIMS offers easily configurable, cloud based, cost effective solution for automation of laboratory workflows with secure anytime-anywhere access to lab information.

HIPAA compliant – role based access control to access data, database and reports throughout the system

HIPAA Compliant

Business Decision Support - dashboard for tracking key performance indicators such revenue by clinics, patients, panels, sales representatives; TAT

Decision Support

Productivity & Efficiency – easily capture, organize, manage and collaborate on tests across your laboratory locations, reference labs and clinics

Productivity & Efficiency

EMR/EHR, Billing solution integration – integrate with EMR and EHR systems through APIs and HL7 format


Ease of Use – single click bulk approval of results and batch processing of reports

Ease of Use

3rd Party labs sub-ordering - visibility and management for the sample workflow across 3rd party labs

Sub Ordering

Customizable reports – easily customizable reports to meet lab’s varied reporting requirements


Sample tracking - robust system to track and verify identity of every specimen at each point in a lab’s workflow

Sample Tracking

Instrument integration – seamless integration with the lab instruments to automate the entire process

Instrument Integration

QA/QC functions – Levey Jennings QC Reporting; QC module to analyze data and test plan for instrument calibration

Quality Control

Audit Trail - comprehensive audit trail with access details, date and time stamp of each and every user interaction with the system

Audit Trail

Whiteboards and Messaging to improve efficiency and communication within and outside the lab